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Line Up

Fabio Cavestro (guitars)
Ivan Giannini (voice)
Marco Marchioni (bass)
Marco Stefani (drums)


Booking & Management


The Spirit Lives On -2018-
The Spirit Lives On -2018-


Heavy Generation is an Heavy Metal band born in 2015 by the will of Marco Marchioni (bass) and Marco Stefani (drums). After many years playing together in several bands, they decide to create this band with the will to play Heavy Metal exactly as they perceive it: hard and epic, as a return to the roots of the real Heavy Metal.

In 2016, after several line up changes, Fabio Cavestro (guitars) and Ivan Giannini (voice) join the band. With them, Heavy Generation reaches the right balance to give the band that heavy cool sound it was looking for, by using homemade instruments and without any technological trickery.

Heavy Generation wants to spread some important messages through its songs, that deal with several themes: mythology, honour, war and dystopia, the deep connection between spirit and nature, the denial of a corrupted society and the balance between passions of heart and the power of mind. According to this, the band members perform on stage as four road warriors, with costumes and scenography freely inspired to a post apocalyptic scenario.

In 2017, during few recording sessions, Heavy Generation records its first length album “The Spirit Lives On” (mixed and mastered by Alpha Omega Studio). At the end of the same year, the band shoots “Fire, Steel, Metal” video (filmed, directed and edited by Violex Video).

In May 2018, it shoots the second video “Path of Denial” (filmed, directed and edited by Agostino Erba).

Heavy Generation album “The Spirit Lives On” has released via Sliptrick Records on September 11th 2018.



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